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Carbon Composites

" G00d Sound is Not Easy to Get "


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=  2 Cases

Sjq Carbon Fiber Saxophone Case (Vacuum Infusion Carbon)



Selmer MK.VI,SBA Tenor

Selmer MK.VI,SBA Alto. 

Selmer MK.VI Soprano.

4/4 Violin.



100% ‘Hand Made’ Vacuum Infusion Real Carbon Fiber Saxophone Case.

Made to Order.

Real Light and Strong Sax Case

 We Make only Two Cases per Month.


- Outer Shell Material 


NOT Real Carbon 'Wrapping’,

NOT Carbon Film 'Wrapping’

NOT 'Hand layup' Composites.


 Vacuum Infusion Real Carbon is 

 Three times Stronger than Steel and Eleven Times Lighter than Steel.

Original Sjq Design and Custom Hand made From Republic of Korea.


- Inner Shell Design


 Available for

Selmer MK.VI,SBA Alto.

Selmer MK.VI Soprano,

Selmer MK.VI,SBA Tenor

for Inner Shell.

Inner Shell is Made with High Quality 'Urethane Memery  Form' that 

World Wide Unique Design.

It Has Maximum Inner Storage Space. Also could be Strong Surface Material.


- High Quality ‘Hand Made’ Leather Handle, Strap and Pouch.


Shoulder Strap is also World Wide Unique Design that 

The case is Automatically Closed when you carry over the shoulder, as the Strap works as ‘Hinge’.  

It will not make the Case Open easily.

[Auto Closing Sytem]


 Shoulder Strap Does Not have ‘Clamping Locker’ so, 

 It will prevent the Case from an Unexpected Dropping.


 Sjq Pouch is Original Design with Supreme Quality Leather. 

Well Suitable for Alto and Tenor.

Will protect inner Lacquer of the Bell.


Sungjoon Kim.   Sungjae son.  Jeeseok Kim.  Hyoseok Jang.   Wonseok Choi.  Matt Lee.  Shelley Yoelin. Jongwoo Lee.  Eunyoung Lee.  Dr. Jigun Jung. Yoosun Nam. Mike Wilkens. Taegyun Koo. Richard Rho. Alonzo Wright. 

Sunjae Lee. Jungwon Choi. Boney James. Silvio otero. Harry Allen. Boyun Lee. Bruce Leonard. Masato Honda. Junho Son. Kajin Lim. Yeunjoon Jung. Hye-eun Yoon. Biu Wan. Bosung Jung. Joe Parzick. AHH. Shin Choon Sik. Gregory Ney. Wooyoung Lee. Felix Chan. Y.J.Y. Fred Vigdor. Eunkyung Yoon. Yongsu Kim. Hyunsoo Lee. Soongyu Park. Junghee Han, Gerry Malkin. Dave Ellis. Whangku You. Sunghyun Kim. Kieyeun Kim. Sooyoung Tak.


Sungjae Son Custom 2019.

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